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Our Mission

We will ensure high levels of academic and cultural learning for every student.

Commission Chair

–Louie Ungaro

Six (6) commissioners

–Donna Starr
–Sandy Heddrick
–Yvonne Johnson
–Little Mary Ross
–Celeste Adame
–Christine Taylor
–Nick Bennett

Superintendent: John Lombardi

Director of Teaching and Learning & McKinney-Vento Coordinator: Judith Mosby, Email: judith.mosby@muckleshoot.com, Phone: 253-259-4248

(K-5) Elementary Principal: Dr. LaWonda Smith-Marshall

(6-12) Secondary Principal: Jay Hirst

(6-12) Secondary Assistant Principal: Ben Foutz

About Our Schools

The Muckleshoot Tribal School moved into a world-class, state of the art campus in 2009. With the use of 21st century technology, the school provides grade level instruction for Native American Students from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.  A culturally-relevant curriculum is used for instruction based on the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS) developed by Washington’s Commission on Student Learning.

The core curriculum includes: Language Arts (Reading/Writing/Communication), Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  K-5 grade extended offerings include: Physical Education, Music, Art, Native Culture and Language, as well as field trips.  6-12 grade electives include: Physical Education, Art, Native Culture and Language, Woodshop, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

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Student Support Services are available for all students with supplemental Student Support Services available for students identified with disabilities or as gifted.  As much as possible, all students are provided support to learn in a regular classroom alongside their peers.  Students that demonstrate potential in academics, creativity, leadership, or the performing arts may qualify for Gifted Services.

Additionally, consultants are in place for services in the areas of Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Psychology as identified on a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

A full range of extra- and co-curricular activities, as well as interscholastic sports opportunities, are available for the students of the Muckleshoot Tribal School.  For more information about these activities and opportunities, please contact the school.