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Muckleshoot Tribal School

15209 SE 376th Street
Auburn, WA 98092

School Phone: 253-931-6709
School Fax: 253-939-5568
Email General Questions to:

 If you need further assistance, please contact the following for each school:

Elementary: Val Daniels ext. 3799
Middle School(Main Office): Yvonna Moses ext. 3715
High School: Tiffany Ciunci ext. 3777

Chief School Administrator John Lombardi
 Elementary Principal LaWonda Smith
K-8 Dean of Students Lisa Stevens
 Secondary Principal  Jay Hirst
 Secondary  Principal  Ron Craig
 Athletic Director  Ryan Gilmore
 Lead Culture Teacher  Joy Hamilton
 Student Activity Coordinator  Leah Simeon
 Student Support Services Heather Scheidt
 Business Manager Kristina Laubner Smith
 Security Manager  Rae Jansen
 Security Supervisor  Gene Enos
 Facilities Manager  William Calvert
 Transportation  Janet Baker

Email: K-12 Registrar

Office: (253) 931-6709, ext. 3747

For more information click on School Enrollment

Our Family Outreach teams serves as a liaison between the school and home by providing assistance to school families and students.  The team coordinates parent education workshops, parenting training as well as family activities/services for parents/guardians that will ensure students staying in school and successfully graduating on time by supporting student needs and services.

Heather Williams, Parent Liaison(Elementary)

Cell Phone (253) 951-3654

Tammie Anderson, Parent Liaison (Middle School)

Cell Phone (253) 951-4002

Leona Starr, Parent Liaison(High School)

Cell Phone (253) 561-2723