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At Muckleshoot Tribal School, we serve the whole child, and strive to develop a student’s academic, social, cultural, and physical self. Our K-5 elementary school currently houses 280 students. This year, school initiatives include continuing forward with the American Reading Company implementation, Restorative Practices, and laying the foundation for AVID Elementary. We are integrating our new HMH Science Dimensions program with our Since Time Immemorial Initiative, which means our students are learning Muckleshoot Culture alongside Next Generation Science Standards.

We open school each day with morning circle, and strive to integrate Muckleshoot Culture in all aspects of the school. Elementary students also receive instruction in Whulshootseed Language and Culture through specialist time. Our students have opportunities to gather traditional medicine, learn weaving, and sing the songs and speak the language of their ancestors. Additionally, we host several community cultural events throughout the year. The third Thursday of every month is Culture Night. We welcome our community to celebrate culture and build a school community with us. Special events include Tommanmus Forest Day and Potlatch.

Principal Jennifer Vasilez
Kindergarten Lori Prince
Kindergarten Isabelle Kemman
Kindergarten Sarah Clark
1st Grade Connie Say-O’Donnel
1st Grade Heather Wippert
1st Grade Azure Augkhopinee
2nd Grade Stephanie May
2nd Grade Emily Haworth
2nd Grade Anna Campbell
3rd Grade Kelsey Emerich
3rd Grade Carissa Hewitt
4th Grade Tamara Zeitler
4th Grade Stephanie VanHoof
5th Grade Crystal Lehmann
5th Grade Tara Davis

Teachers in the elementary building collaborate across the grades to integrate culture and language into our learning environment and curriculum.  This includes, but is not limited to, Science, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Culture, and Physical Education. The teachers work with the Culture and Whulshootseed Language instructors in the classroom to insure that the Muckleshoot Tribal culture and language is at the forefront of their learning experience. Traditional foods are served in the cafeteria every Thursday. Students have many opportunities to learn traditional ways and interact with the natural world such as field trips to Tomanamus Forest, gathering nettles, working in the garden, and making mats from traditional materials.

Muckleshoot Tribal School Performing Arts

Performing Arts offers students an opportunity to sing and dance the songs of their Tribe. Students develop a sense of pride by representing themselves, their families, and the Muckleshoot Tribe. They learn how to make their own regalia, cedar headbands, Salish woven vests, dress, headbands, and sing songs that include the Muckleshoot Language.

The students perform at various events which may include Muckleshoot Tribal School Potlatch, First Salmon Ceremony, End of Season Dinner, Graduation, and Native American Day at the Puyallup Fair.

Pow Wow

Pow Wow provides an opportunity for our students to learn and practice Pow Wow dance, learn skills that contribute to a healthy life, and develop confidence in who they are as Native people. Students learn how to make their own regalia.

Elementary Sport and Fitness Program

The Muckleshoot Tribal School Elementary Sport and Fitness After School program provides a fun and rewarding “cooperative play” experience for participants that teachers sport skills, develops positive sportsmanship and social skills, and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Sport strategy is aligned with later learning found in Middle School and High School programs, for example a 2-3-3 defense in Flag Football session, while other activities emphasize the cooperative fun of the learning experience.

21st Century

Our 21st Century Program provides extension opportunities for students in Math and Reading. Students will receive additional support in either one or both areas depending on their individual needs. Please contact Burlene Padilla for more information. A permission slip will be required for each student to attend and must be submitted before they can begin classes.

**If you are making arrangements for your child to have a bus change, please disclose that your child attends the after school club.

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