Elementary Students Present to Commission

//Elementary Students Present to Commission

Elementary Students Present to Commission

Last night’s Commission meeting started with two amazing presentations.

Kindergartener Kriztian Lemus-Hernandez with his teacher Sarah Clark presented on their culminating project “Owl House” which integrated their reading and science curriculum. Christian explained all about what owls need to build their house, live and lay eggs.

4th grade students, Maddison Loggins, Keionna Courville and Kaliya Elkins presented on their STARS anti-bullying program. The girls learned about STARS (Stop, Think, Act, Reflect) when the Seattle Children’s Theater presented to their class. The girls created posters and have also gone into Kindergarten and 2nd grade classrooms to teach other kids. The girls requested the help of the Commissioners to put up their posters in other Tribal buildings and businesses. Councilman Ungaro requested a poster for his office.

School Commission meetings are scheduled for every Wednesday at 3 pm in the MTS Library. All meetings are open to the public and time is set aside for community members to address the School Commission directly if they have any questions, issue or concerns. Meeting agendas can be found at www.boarddocs.com/wa/mts/Board.nsf

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