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                        Muckleshoot Tribal School

                                   Middle School

The middle school years at Muckleshoot are a time when the brain reorganizes and prepares the child for young adulthood.   This transition is an exciting, fun, and sometimes challenging period for youth!  Many emotional, social, and intellectual changes occur and additional support and guidance are needed to assure success.

Our curriculum includes Art, Culture, Language Arts, Library Education, Life Skills, Math, Native Language, Physical Education, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Wood Shop.  Counseling, resource education, and other special services are available for students who qualify for these additional services.   Interscholastic athletics are offered for boys and girls interested in baseball, basketball, track, and volleyball.  The school also provides a free and nutritional breakfast and lunch program for growth and development.

We welcome parent and community involvement at middle school and ask that you consider volunteering at our school.  Students are frequently sent out into the tribal and global communities for project-based and service learning.  Please contact us if you have an idea or opportunity you would like us to share with our sixth, seventh, or eighth grade students.  You are always welcome and valued in our learning community.


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