Staff ‘Since Time Immemorial’ Training

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Staff ‘Since Time Immemorial’ Training

On Friday, February 1st 2019, MTS teachers were led in STI training  with an emphasis on Traditional Ecological Knowledge.

It was led by a team of educators including Leslie LaFountaine (MTS), Cinnamon Bear Enos (Hancock), Tyson Simmons (Culture), Keith Stevenson (Culture), Rose Davis (Culture/Language), Gail WhiteEagle(Culture), Willard Bill Jr. (Culture Director), Valerie Segrest (Curriculum Director), and Louie Ungaro (MIT Tribal Council)  to provide lessons for teachers to integrate into their classroom curriculum.

Our plant and animal teachers included; Cattail, Nettle, Cottonwood, Hazelnut, salmon, clams, crab and alder.

Teachers were “hands-on” in learning lessons ranging from traditional weaving using nettle and cattail, beqelSuAucid lessons, hazelnut latte, cottonwood processing, carving, alder smoke salmon, lava rock steaming clams and crabs and carving using traditional tools.

These trainings are integral in providing our classroom educators with the tools needed to support Muckleshoot students.

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