Tomanamus Community Day

//Tomanamus Community Day

Tomanamus Community Day

Tomanamus Community Day is October 10th

We are so excited for Tomanamus Day! This is a special day where all students and staff attend a day of celebrating the forest and Muckleshoot community. Many students have remarked that it’s one of the most special field trips they get to experience at tribal school.

Permission Slips

All MTS students must have signed permission slips to attend Tomanamus Community Day with Muckleshoot Tribal School. Permission slips are due to student’s teachers by October 9th (the day before the trip). For elementary students, their permission slips go to their regular teacher. For secondary students, their permission slips to go their 1st period teacher. We are not accepting verbal (phone call) permission. 

Permission slips will be sent home with students. Extra copies will also be provided at each of the front offices. You can also download the permission slip and electronically send it to Leah Simeon at

Tomanamus Day Permission Slip

Schedule for the Day

Please have students arrive to school at the normal start time (7:30 am). All students will eat breakfast at the school. Secondary students will report to their 1st period classes after breakfast. Elementary classes will be assigned buses and load. Secondary students will load buses with their 1st period teachers. All buses will leave MTS at 8:15 am. Buses will leave the forest at 2 pm to return to MTS by 3:00 pm. 

Checking Students Out

This will be updated soon with details! 🙂

What Students Should Bring

Please have students dress appropriately for Forest Day. Closed-toe shoes, rain jackets, sweatshirts, and jeans are best. Please encourage students to leave their electronic devices at home.

We are so excited for Tomanamus Day!

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