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2019 Butchering Class

Anna Diaz seasons part of the deer rib before cooking

MTS students were engaged in learning cultural knowledge through being taught how to debone & butcher a black-tail deer on campus! Councilman Louie Ungaro came to the school to teach students how to cut, prepare, and cook deer. Students were taught the traditional ecological knowledge of our animals and the gifts they give us. Leslie LaFountaine, who is the Sustainability Food Systems Educator at MTS, showed students how to cook over an open fire.

Thank you to everyone who made this opportunity possible for our students at MTS. The ability for our students to be taught traditional knowledge right on campus is because of the effort of many people.

Photo Credits: Cody Foreman, MTS Junior

Did you know that you can use up to 10 Cultural Leave days per school year to exempt student absences when your student is doing cultural activities like hunting, fishing, or other activities?  To preauthorize cultural leave, get the form by going to the ‘Administration’ menu, select ‘Forms’ and select ‘Pre Arranged Absence’ form on the right hand side.

At the Muckleshoot Tribal School we are focused creating a safe and supportive school community for everyone.  Safety is one of our district’s top priorities and  to  help  safeguard  our  school  community, we’ve  taken  an important  step  that I want to share with  you.

Our district is now using SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff, and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways:

  1. Phone:  253.285.1986
  2. Text:  Text your tip to 253.285.1986
  3. Email: 1603@alert1.us
  4. Web: http://1603.alertl.us

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Our Mission

The Muckleshoot Tribal School is committed to a comprehensive, culturally-centered and academically challenging educational learning program that provides each student the opportunity to discover and develop his or her unique strengths and talents academically, socially, physically, and culturally and, therefore, become a productive, contributing member within the individual’s familial, tribal, and world communities.